A Day in the Life of a Work at Home Mom, Part 1: Wine & Roses; Diapers and Deadlines

Article by Rachel Glaste

Wine and roses. Milk and honey. Diapers and deadlines. Which of these three is the more likely way a work at home mom would describe her day? Well, I’m here to tell you that it may be all three of these. It may be none. Or, more likely, some combination. (it depends, in large part, on the path you choose to make the work at home mom (or WAHM) lifestyle your reality).

I can say without reservation that ONE path has far greater positive implications if you want to live your life the way you truly want. More on this later…

Having been a successful work at home mom now for more than two years, I have to say the good far outweighs the bad, which hopefully you’ll see as we move on. So, first, let’s cover…

What Being a Work at Home Mom Isn’t

It is not waking up whenever you want, strolling down to the kitchen in your robe, and sipping a leisurely cup of coffee while you dream up your next project for taking over the world.

Working from home is NOT retirement. Nor is it total freedom. At least not now. In fact, at the beginning the weight of your responsibilities probably won’t seem all that different from the way things were before (except for the teary-eyed goodbyes with your kids in the morning, of course.)

If your kids are not yet in school, a whole lot of your time is going to be spent meeting their needs – depending on how old they are, that means everything from entertainment and education to food, clothing, bathroom breaks or diaper changes.

It may seem strange, but many moms who make the decision to work from home are often shocked at just how little “work” they’re actually able to get done at first. Don’t assume that because you’re home all weekend and take care of your kids that you’ll feel the same way about it during the week. When you have the stress of needing to get something done to earn some money, and a hungry 10-month old wailing for his lunch, and then a diaper change, and then a toy, or two, or three, you’ll grasp the difference.

Also remember that, unless you take some definite action to make it happen, you’re not going to be spending time with a lot of adults. A few weeks of nothing but baby talk for eight, nine or 10 hours a day is enough to make some new work at home moms miss even the petty power struggles and office politics of work-outside-the-home jobs.

It Still Beats Anything Else Out There

By now you may be asking yourself whether or not working from home is actually for you. Although I don’t know you personally, I’d say that unless you’re someone who really needs to get away from the family regularly (and I’m not judging you if you do), you’ll most likely find far greater fulfillment in finding the right work at home job.

But that’s the key – the RIGHT one. And that’s what we’ll cover in Part 2 in “A Day in the Life of a Work at Home Mom.” Stay tuned!

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