DIY Splash Page

How To Make A Splash Page


Are you still promoting the standard affiliate pages for your program?  Well, if sales aren’t great, it’s time you did something to stand out from the crowd, and making your own splash page is a good way to do that.

You can make eye catching splash pages at AdKreator and Instant Splash, and you can make some more basic ones for free at

In the important thing to realize is that splash pages are really just a banner.  So make your graphic, upload it to your site and use the graphic url  as your banner url and the site url for where you are wanting to point your viewer to go.

Watch me make a splash page with AdKreator in 4 minutes in the video below!

If you want to follow along and make your own splash, you will need your affiliate page link, and a banner or other image.  You can use the banner image link provided by your affiliate program, or if you have your own image, you can host it at AdKreator in the My Designs area.

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