Work Online From Home 3 Ways To Make Money Now

Work Online From Home 3 Ways To Make Money Now

Article by Ron Taylor

The work online from home industry is awash with opportunity. So much so, in fact, the choices become overwhelming, if not stifling.To succeed in your work online from home venture, you must narrow your focus to a select group of opportunities, and then choose one or two primary marketing strategies to build that business.

This is knownas “niche marketng” and has made many online entrepreneurs six figure incomes–all from small little blog posts that focus on a key niche or market.

In my opinion, the best marketing approach includes a combination of both offline and online methods. As for the offline route, most traditional network marketers use a variety of prospecting methods that I am sure you are aware of.

The best way to begin in this area is to of course, follow your sponsor• s advice. But beyond merely talking to family, friends, and co-workers about your opportunity, get active in your community by joining a networking group on meetup.com. This site can help you locate and join active business networking groups in your area, and can dramatically change how you build your business offline.

Most of the offline marketing strategies are common knowledge among active networkers; however, it is in the online strategies where people tend to get lost or frustrated.

Among the top low cost, or free, methods used online are social networking on sites like Facebook and Twitter, blogging on free sites like Squidoo and Blogger, submitting articles to various article directories, and participating in relevant forums. Beyond the land of the free, paid routes to success online include a plethora of advertising strategies, including pay per click, banner ads, ezine solo ads, and email marketing.

If you are serious about achieving success in your work online from home opportunity, you must first focus all of your marketing efforts into a single opportunity; second, identify one online marketing strategy that you can learn and apply consistently; and third, focus all of your effort into directing website traffic to your opportunity with the understanding that building a home business takes time, work, and persistence to succeed.

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The trick may be quite different than you expect, and in fact, has transformed how i market online.

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